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Hi, I’m Fred Leamnson.  On this page, you'll find everything you need to know about me (well, maybe not everything but the important stuff!)

I spent most of my career (which started a LONG time ago, more on that in a minute) in the conflict-ridden bank brokerage business. Eventually, I grew tired of the pressure to serve the firm over my clients and launched my own business. I formed Leamnson Capital Advisory, LLC in 2011.

Now, I get the pleasure of focusing on what I do best – helping people align the way they spend, save and use money with what they’re up to in their lives.

Keepin’ it real

  • I started “Money with a Purpose” to help people “keep it real” when it comes to their money. Many advisors will tell you the only way to success is through planning. I completely agree. However, you must also align your plan with who you are and what you value. Doing this is THE key to making your money work for you. I started this blog to share with you what that looks like.
  • In the category of incredibly bad timing, I started in the retail broker industry in November 1987. You remember Black Monday, right?
  • I’ve lived through some pretty significant financial crises (e.g., the 2000-2002 market disaster, the plight of 2007 – 2009). Honestly, I made mistakes with my own and my clients’ investments in 2008. Since then I’ve made it my business to learn from those mistakes. And I have. Now I want to share what I learned with you
  • I am a Chartered Financial Consultant. Fancy, right?! That’s a professional designation requiring courses of study and a comprehensive exam. (i.e., I know what I’m doing)

Here's a sampling or articles if you want to check out some content:

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Three Reasons to Consider a Roth IRA Conversion

Retirement Planning is About More than Just Money

Getting personal

Photo of Fred and Cathy LeamnsonMy wife Cathy, and I are both kind of work-out nuts. We’ve been married 34 years. In those years, I could count on one hand the number of weeks we didn’t get to the gym or do some workout at least twice a week. We love hot yoga, lifting, fitness classes, and aerobics. Keeps us sane!

We love hanging out with our two beautiful Akitas. They go with us to the beach every year and often accompany us to our favorite Virginia Wineries (we love our wine!) We’ve lived in Reston, VA since moving to the DC metro area in 1998 and enjoy all the history, nature and activities the DMV offers.


Knowing what to expect here

Real, honest discussion about essential money topics like budgeting, IRAs, Social Security and many others. I promise not to use (at the very least minimize) the industry jargon you hear in the financial press and many advisors. It seems we in the industry love the sound of our voices and want to come across as being oh so smart!

When I hear all that industry speak these days, all I hear is “blah blah, blah.” If you listen to me engaging with financial jargon, please call me out in the comment section 🙂

Thanks for stopping by. I hope this blog helps you align your money with what matters most to you. Enjoy your stay and please say “hello” by sending me an email or scheduling a call via the calendar link. I love meeting new people! Let me know what you think of the site too.

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