Weekly Roundup from Around the Web – August 3, 2018

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Image of a gold chalace Best Content Trophy PrizeToday's post is a new feature here on Money with a Purpose – Weekly Roundup from Around the Web.

Since starting Money with a Purpose in late 2017, I've discovered some fantastic personal finance bloggers.

They cover topics from investing, budgeting, saving, debt reduction, lifestyle, and everything in between.

I've met a lot of great people.

So, every Saturday, I will feature what I feel are the best articles of the week.

If you get my weekly digest email, you have a flavor of these articles. Going forward, I'll send a link to this page rather than links to the articles themselves.

If there are particular topics, you'd like to see represented, please let me know.

This Weekly Roundup is for you.

This week's roundup

Mr. Thrifty

First up is a great post from Mr. Thrifty of the informative website, Thrifty Enough.

Mr. Thrifty and I became acquainted on Twitter. In fact, my first introduction was his post on how to operate in the Twitterverse (not sure that's a word, but I'm going with it). His articles are insightful and usually come at things from a different and unique angle.

The featured article below is a perfect example. I've written about Millennials and the FIRE movement in previous posts. Mr. Thrifty offers up his thoughts on a much more important topic (well, at least AS important) as financial independence. The title says it all. Thanks, Mr. Thrifty for a great read.


You Can Always Make More Money, But You Can Never Make More Time


Half-Life Theory

Next up is a brand new blogger, Half Life Theory.

Here is another blogger with a unique outlook and approach to living and writing. He recently took off the mask to reveal his true identity. I've learned that many bloggers remain anonymous out of concern for how their employers will react. So the recent reveal was risky. I'm happy to say he still has his job and is doing well, thank you very much.

TJ grew up in Nigeria. He lived in Florida in his early life. The post I'm featuring from TJ is an excellent post about how to deal with what life throws at you. As a black man (from Africa) in America, TJ has had his share of run-ins with bigotry. In this article, you'll hear about one of those and the attitude he took (as he always seems to do) when confronted with the challenges that come with life. I was both encouraged and inspired after reading this post. I think you will be too.


You Believe You’re a Loser and So You Are


FI Introvert

Fi Introvert is another blogger with a unique approach. Many bloggers consider themselves introverts. Drew, the FI Introvert, dedicates his site to help introverts find their paths to financial independence. Here's a quote from his blog,  “The goal of this blog is to help 1,000 introverts on their path to financial independence.” I've marveled at the creativity of  Drew and his approach to the introvert personality. I guess you could say he's a card-carrying introvert.

The post below is about a conversation at a wedding with a hedge fund manager. As you know, hedge funds try to profit from information and invest in companies that hit it big. Statistics say most aren't very good at it. Nonetheless, accredited investors pour billions of dollars into them every year. The advice Drew heard may surprise you (Warren Buffett anyone?). Drew goes on to explain how he, and other introverts, can profit from this advice.


I Got the Best Stock Market Advice from a Hedge Fund Manager, and It Isn’t What You Think


Duke of Dollars

Duke of Dollars has two authors, Jack and Chris. Their bios say that Jack is the Senior Duke, while Chris the Junior Duke. The uniqueness here is you'll find views from two different perspectives.

Jack wrote the featured post below. He's used FIRE concepts to gain financial independence to give himself choices of what to do next. He's achieved that financial independence. The problem (or maybe not) is he doesn't have a clue what to do next. For him, that's OK. Read about how he's thinking about these decisions of next steps. He may have a slight pet obsession. I'm just sayin'… Lots of material to consider here.




Final thoughts

So, that's it for the first installment of the Weekly Roundup from Around the Web. I hope you enjoy the articles.

I promise to do my best to mix it up each week and introduce you to more great content.

If there are blogs you read that you'd like considered for the weekly roundup, please pass them along. I love finding new writers.

And please let me know what you think of the series. It will help me make it better as the weeks, months and years go on.

Thanks for reading!

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I started “Money with a Purpose” to help people “keep it real” when it comes to their money. Many advisors will tell you the only way to success is through planning. I completely agree. And there’s more. You must also align your plan with who you are and what you value. Doing this is THE key to making your money work for you. I started this blog to share with you what that looks like.

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